Business Benefits and Advantages of Web Based Software

The above diagram shows a typical web based software soloution. Web based software allows you to operate your business software on remote servers rather than at your premises, so that you can concentrate on your business. Web Based Software utilises state-of-the-art proven technology to lower your computing costs and increase your competitive advantage. All connectivity to a data centre or your own managed server is securely controlled and sustained by firewall and MS standard encrypted security.

Benefits of a Web Based Software Solution:

  • Lower cost of computer system management and operation
  • Able to focus on your business without being distracted by computer technology issues
  • Delivery of the latest information technology
  • Clear predictability of computer system expenses
  • File backups are prepared daily
  • Access to system remotely, from anywhere at any time
  • Greatly enhanced application support at a lower cost
  • System is always available
  • Fixed costs of computing infrastructure are turned into variable costs
  • Capital investment in computers is reduced significantly
  • No need for high levels of computer skills
  • Full data protection and recovery
  • Control computing expenditure
  • Computer outages reduced to near zero
  • Clear predictability of computer system expenses
  • Total control of IT expenditure
  • Immediate access to highly-skilled computer engineers
  • Limited investment required in IT human resource
  • Full disaster recovery capability
  • Readily accessible performance statistics
  • Keep current with the latest information technology
  • Rapid response times if users require help or support
  • Low risk of outage from external attacks or threats
  • Contribute to the image of professionalism