email marketing

E-mail marketing newsletters & bulk email list campaigns.

Email is fundamental to the way in which people communicate across the internet and forms an essential part of any site's online marketing strategy. We have many years of experience managing client's email campaigns sent to 3rd party lists or to their own subscriber database.

  • Custom email templates
  • Fully automated subscription management
  • Harness the power of bulk emarketing to customer groups at no cost
  • Increased product awareness
  • Double opt-in mechanism
  • Unsubscribe links in email
  • Tracks number of times email is opened (read)
  • Tracks click throughs (links followed)
  • View and reuse history – copy previous email as new (great for setting up templates)
  • Bounced email processing (automatically remove dead emails from list)
  • Robust queuing system (emails will continue to send even after a server reboot/crash)
  • Email throttling to avoid spam filtering out your messages
  • Integration with your website, so that summary product, property or other listings are inserted into your email template automatically